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A core area of our services is project management, which encompasses several hierarchical levels. From program management, (partial-) project management to the project management office, we offer our customers the optimal support to successfully lead, advise or accompany entire programs and projects from start to finish. We can skillfully apply our know-how to IT projects.

Whether projects are stuck with the "traffic light" on red or projects in unfamiliar territory for an organization, especially in IT, our experienced project specialists will bring them forward.

Program Lead

Successful programs are important to any organization, especially in our digitized and highly paced world. Experienced IT leadership is key to success and they work across disciplines. Our program managers structure our customers' demands for future-oriented user-centric digitization and further development into individual coordinated projects and work packages. Our program managers always maintain an overview of the individual projects, steer them with foresight and support the project managers in their work.

Project Lead

Every project needs a professional as project manager and, depending on its size, it also needs sub-project managers. The project manager leads and supervises the project and the team entrusted with it. He plans and works with foresight and provides information on an ongoing basis and at the appropriate level. He acts as a motivator and at the same time as a link to the management or the client. Our project managers are experienced, certified and capable of performing this extremely demanding task for our clients. In doing so, we adapt methodically to the specifications of the organization. We lead projects from their initialization, for example according to HERMES, through the concept, the realization and the implementation. We are also happy to take on the roles of Scrum Master or Product Owner in agile procedures.

Subproject Management

Project managers are usually busy with many administrative tasks. As a result, there is often not enough time for actual project monitoring, coordination, planning and communication. In addition, in the agile IT environment, the management of requirements is becoming increasingly complex. This is exactly where our project office services come in. So that project managers can concentrate on the essentials - namely project management - we relieve them of work that requires a great deal of administrative effort and time. Thus, the project is supported in its core and relieved financially.

Project Management Office

For program management, a functioning Project Management Office (PMO) is a key factor. This is because in these programs in particular, it is not only necessary to regularly monitor key figures and planning over wide areas, but also to aggregate them in advance and prepare them in a way that is appropriate for the requirements of the project group. Here, complex documentation has to be created, which is professionally taken over by the PMO.


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