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ianni Lepore, Benedict Seelhofer, Björn Schneider und Roberto Santovito do Business Engineering
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We define business engineering as the systematic redesign and transformation of business models with a focus on IT and the proven user-centric approach to digitization.
Our basic premise in business engineering is that the added value created for the customer essentially determines the value of the company. In this context, we see ICT as a key enabler for business process improvement by reducing transaction costs. For existing and emerging companies, organizations can be divided into 4 design areas:

• the leadership;

• the process organization;

• the organizational structure; and

• the information systems. 

Die vier Teilbereiche bilden die Grundlage für die Anwendung des Business Model Canvas und die Anwendung der professionellen Business-Engineering-Methoden. Unter anderem haben unsere IT-Experten Erfahrung in den folgenden Methoden: e3-Value; Service Blueprint, Erstellung von Aufgabenketten-Diagrammen und allgemeine Modularisierung von Unternehmensprozessen. Gerne unterstützen wir Sie mit unseren IT-Experten.

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