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One of our focus services addresses the field of GEVER (electronic business administration). This involves the organization and implementation of records management, the electronic mapping of business processes, and topics related to business control. This is especially the case in public administrations and large companies.

At Ironforge, we understand GEVER as the interaction between people, technology and organization (MTO). Accordingly, we align our GEVER services with this MTO concept. Only when these three areas are in a harmonious interaction, GEVER can achieve added value for all parties involved.

As far as the human-technology relationship is concerned, we see ourselves as coaches, trainers, supporters and UX specialists. Here, the ergonomic application of GEVER technologies is in the foreground.

As Business Analysts and Requierements Engineers we build the bridge between organization and technology. We provide support in architecture issues, workflow implementations, template administration and configuration management. The goal is: added value through more efficient and effective business processes.

Furthermore, in the GEVER environment we also see ourselves as strategy consultants, project managers/epic owners/scrum masters, change and test managers.

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Our GEVER consulting services cover the entire lifecycle (GEVER process) of business-relevant information (creation to archiving). To be able to map this cycle, GEVER systems provide functions (GEVER functions). The record keeping function (or also called records management) is about the systematic and traceable recording of information. These are received, created or sent in the respective business context. The Processes function is concerned with electronic process management, which regulates the allocation, execution and tracking of activities. The Business Control function is responsible for ensuring pending items, deadlines and time limits. This function supports the business control of the file management but also the process management. Through our holistic MTO consulting, we can methodically analyze our clients' problems and provide them with appropriate recommendations for action. We are also happy to provide support for the resulting implementation projects.

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