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By "Modern Workplace" we mean not only a modern workplace, but also a "digital workplace". The focus is not on the digitality of the workplace, but on the fact that it brings together contemporary, modern working methods and technologies. These are adapted to the diversified needs of the employees. More and more system administrators, HR departments and C-level decision-makers are looking at business models that prioritize personal productivity of employees and attractiveness of the employer.

How will the Modern Workplace of the present and future be designed against this background? The design depends on various central questions that each organization and each company must answer for itself: In addition to a clear vision for a new working environment and the appropriate setup for collaboration, it is also about the required hardware and software as well as the core of the corporate identity, which with its cultural backbone contributes decisively to the generated added value of the Modern Workplace. We are happy to accompany organizations and companies on their way to their workplace of the future in terms of user-centric digitalization.

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