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Illustration of the User Centered Design process
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User-Centered Design (UCD) is a central approach for us in the development of our customer solutions. Iterative design processes allow our IT experts to focus on users and their needs at every stage of the project. With UCD, the requirements as well as use cases are based on knowledge that is tailored to the users on a project-specific basis via various user research and design techniques. This ensures that we build user-friendly and accessible products for them.

All UCD processes are iterative in nature and the same at their core. Whether it is Lean-UX, ISO-9241-210 or Goal-Directed Design: All processes have in common that in a first phase the problem analysis takes place with associated user research, these findings are then processed in a second phase so that they can be validated in a third phase, e.g. by means of user testing. The results can then be used again as a basis for the first phase until the desired level of detail is reached.

During the various phases, Ironforge consultants can draw on a broad repertoire of proven UCD methods. This modular approach allows us to quickly understand the issues even in complex projects and to show with concrete solution examples which decisions and variants are target-oriented.

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