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HERMES is the federal government's project management method and a binding requirement for many sectors for the implementation of their projects.

In the near future, the Confederation will issue a new, completely revised version of HERMES, in the development of which one of our specialists is directly involved.

Build on the vast experience of our HERMES experts, who have gained their experience in up to 25 years of working in the HERMES environment in the set-up, company-specific adaptation, introduction and practical application of HERMES, and be prepared for the new version of HERMES!
Our following modules are available for this purpose.

House-specific tailoring of HERMES

We adapt HERMES to the needs of your organisation. We embed HERMES in your existing processes and support you in the introduction of HERMES with the help of specific in-house training courses as well as with the coaching of your project commissioners, your project managers and project staff in the application of your company-specific HERMES.

"Agilisation" of your HERMES

To help you keep pace with development, we integrate the increasingly used SCRUM and SAFe methods into your project approach. We complement your HERMES with the specific tasks, results and roles that are used in SCRUM and SAFe.

Training and coaching of your clients in HERMES projects

Experience shows that your project commissioners are an important factor for the success of your projects. In particular, the success of your projects depends on how your project owners fulfil their tasks in the project. HERMES includes a number of control tasks that are assigned to the project owners. We support you through specific short training of your project assignors and line managers and through targeted coaching of your project assignors in their operational activities in the projects.

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We support you in managing your project portfolio and in setting up your projects according to HERMES specifications. Through coaching and the performance of operational tasks, we support your PLs and project staff in their HERMES tasks in project implementation. With an organised systematic "handover" and the early involvement of your operational managers, we ensure a reliable transition from your projects to operations. In addition, we offer you various HERMES training courses and workshops.

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